Slide Traffic Review – Untapped free buyer traffic source revealed

Hey it’s Tom yevsikov here back with a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing Slide Traffic.

Now this is an interesting software + training that basically allows you to tap into Slide Sharing type of traffic which has many business oriented visitors, over 50% actually interested in business and a very large percentage of buyer or very targeted traffic. This will allow you to tap into that for free by creating slides and publishing them directly into Slideshare and two other sites such as slideshare.

But it’s far from being perfect and there are some things inside that frustrated me..

Take a look:


Value: 7/10

Claims: 9/10

Concept: 8/10

Execution: 6/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

UPDATE: the creator, Sam Robinson is RE-DOING the training videos..this is great news and shows they support it! love it ūüôā

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Here’s how it works, you go, you watch the extremely basic training covering how to use the plugin, you go to the plugin, open the really nice editor to quickly create slide shares on the fly and then you publish those slides directly to slideshare.

The idea is to use slideshare and sites like slideshare to tap into a monster buyer traffic source that Internet marketers haven’t tapped yet.

It means the area is completely fresh and you have an opportunity here.

Now I complained IN the video bout two things:

  1. The video training quality, it has a really bad and hard to understand accent and it doesn’t cover anything special
  2. I’d like to see more features in this software.

Issue #1 is being fixed after I told the creator what I feel and he will re-record it with his own voice (V.S the voice of the other partner, ezzaky)

#2 however won’t change..It’s good value for $17..great even the training issue fixed but I think it’s very basic.

So to conclude, is this something I would write home about? no..

Is this something I would recommend so you can get tons of buyer traffic? yes. HELL YES. for just $17 this is a steal.

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Connect Audience Review – tiny ads budget and small list? make thousands anyway

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here back with a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing the amazin Connect Audience.

This is for you if you are someone who has a small list or a non-responsive list and looking to maximze the money made from them + you have a FB ads account.

Why? because this software does something no other tool does and connects your A/R and your FB ads account together and creates “Hyper Segmented Retargeting Campaigns” using your email list.

Basically, traditionally, if you send an email to your list and you generate let’s say 50 cannot retarget them UNLESS you are sending them to your page with your pixel.

This software allows you to retarget your email list in 4 ways, create a custom audience inside FB via the software based on your email lists actions and promote to them. It’s an amazing software with lots of cool features and It’s an absolute blast having the right to own a copy..Here’s my full review of the good, bad, upsells and WALKTHROUGH:

Claims: 10/10

Value: 8/10

Concept: 8/10

Execution: 8/10

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

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Benefits: Works smoothly 0 bugs 0 clunkiness, many A/R integrated..not just the big 3 or 5. actually something I am going to use on my business, not overhyped, simple to use, won’t get you banned from FB unless you screw up, long term great support.

Drawbacks: NONE

Bonuses: My bonuses this time come in 2 packages, one is a package the vendor gave me with 11 bonuses that help you with listbuilding, DFY autoresponder templates, retageting courses, WP tools, conversion boosters etc..

The second one is Dirt Cheap FB Ads Training (unique not PLR) and a FB Ads traffic CASE STUDY all to help you crack the FB code and just plain get plenty of FB golden nuggets from our existing business.

Both will be avail for you after you purchase, just forward your receipt to

Launch Time & Pricing: 10:00 AM EDT, 15th September, $47/month or $97/3 months or $197/year (best option).

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Tube Traffic Review – GUARANTEED free youtube traffic using this automation software

So you have a youtube channel or want to start one in order to be able to generate lots of traffic on demand and build your brand.

And who could blame you lol..if you’re not using youtube in your business you are literally leaving millions of visitors on the plate.

Here’s the thing..everyone knows that and youtube marketing is becoming so much harder. Engagement is down, views are down and tbh, youtube keeps changing their ranking algo every week or so.

So counting on rankings is risky business and buying ads is expensive as hell and takes a learning curve. so what can you do, right?

Well fear no mo, Tube Traffic is a software that solves that problem and gets you free, fast, guaranteed traffic from youtube on autopilot by smartly finding videos and channels and leaving comments on them.

Very simple yet feature packed’s my full video review with all the honesty:


Claims: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Concept: 8/10

Execution: 7.5/10

Final Verdict:  7.5/10

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What Is It + My Review:

Tube Traffic ¬†is a simple desktop software that is feature packd with all sorts of research and automation features but I’m going to focus on the traffic getting features, which is the finding videos, grabbing them and then auto posting comments on them.

What’s special about this is that the traffic is GUARANTEED because of the concept and it’s also 100% free.

All you have to do is to login, setup your youtube account, start doing research and poof, you’re ready to roll.

You can see visitors as soon as this evening (although not alot as this will work as a snowball effect)

You just need to be careful not to spam, and post moderately.

But it works, oh sure as hell works.

Benefits: Can automate many comments at the same time.

Software is easy to understand, packed with great features and is the only one that guarantees traffic.

Drawbacks:¬†Works only for PC. Also pretty slow to perform tasks, software must be on while tasks performed and computer slows down a little in my experience. A.K.A can’t play video games normally ūüôĀ

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Bonus #1 –¬†Training on creating high converting videos in any niche without experience.

Bonus #2 РYoutube Training (How to monetize, how to set things right in the first place, what sub niches to pursue, how to attract the right ppl and lots more boring but extremely profitable and important things)  + Reseller rights to it.

Bonus #3 – $497 worth whitelabel license to Smart Social, sell it as your own and keep 100% of profits, rare license bonuses.

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What Are The Upgrades:

OTO1 – TubeTraffic PRO – $67
Comment for unlimited Video groups & Channels

Comment spinning for more unique comments
without effort.

Multiple threads for faster work.

Agency license. Drive traffic for others and charge
them a monthly fee.

Supports unlimited YouTube accounts to comment from.

OTO2 – Channel Authority + NicheXPloit – $47 ‚Äď Find great niches and build an authority channel so you can profit for years and higher conversiosm.

OTO3 – Tuberank + Traffic Jeet – $37 ‚Äď Rank on youtube high easily.

OTO4 – TubeTraffic Whitelabel / Reseller ¬†– $297 ‚Äď Whitelabel license.

Launch Date & Pricing:

September 14th, 11:00 AM EDT, $27 until 2:00 PM then becomes $37, my bonuses available for 48 hours.

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VidCuratorFX Review – Hundreds of traffic sucking videos with ONE click

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here and today I am reviewing Video Curator FX. This is a desktop software (both mac and pc) that with one click can get you hundreds of CUSTOM made videos unique to you with your captions in them and then autopost them to your online video accounts, especially youtube to create HIGH rankings for a certain keyword, outrank other people and generate loads of traffic and FAST.

Let’s review the good, bad and upsells:

Claims: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Concept: 8/10

Execution: 8/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

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Review & Bonuses:

How It Works:

VidCuratorFx works in 2 ways, one is a Video creator which curates images and clips related to your keyword on social media and then you can edit them and the other feature is the Auto Video feature which collects hundreds of videos, clips and images and turns it into as many videos as you want with your caption.

Now this works well because once you do have all these videos, you outrank your competition.

Let me give you an example:

lets say you want to dominate “Piano lessons CITY, STATE” keyword…create 50 videos and upload them with spun title and text. you’d outrank others with volume.

The Good:

It actually works, based on real results, gives you a significant traffic boost instantly, nice and responsive software.

The Drawbacks:

Autoposting to youtube Feature is on OTO1, belongs to the F/E in my opinion. like WTF..I can create 23425 videos but can’t autopost them to youtube?….

Too many upgrades (5)

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The bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Social Boost

Social Boost: The Simple & fast way to increase social conversions. Take the social features of some of the highest shared websites like Buzzfeed or UpWorthy and add them to your blog posts.No matter what theme you are using you can add these shortcodes to get all the social share features you need to have viral blog post

Bonus #2 –¬†EZLeads: Create amazing high converting squeeze pages with wordpress for your own projects or clients projects. The landing page that can fit anywhere & converts like crazy!

Bonus #3 – My DFY Package..DFY keywords and affiliates offers connected to those keyword to plug and play into VidcuratorFX and start profiting FAST.,

Price & Launch Details: Live at september 12th 11:00 AM EDT for $27 for the first 3 hours, becomes $37 after that with a discount coupon: 5OFF or 10OFF, try each and see which works for you.

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Video Wave Review – Builds and Ranks Videos In A Few Clicks + What nobody will tell you about it

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here back with a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing Video Wave. The good, bad and upsells are reviewed and also what nobody tells you about it.

This software Builds and Ranks videos for profit in 4 steps and works like this: Step #1 – Research Competition using the “magic” searcher (actually my FAVORITE feature) Step #2 – Builds good quality videos with lots of features including text to speech to audio, DFY animations, music, backgrounds etc..etc.. Step #3 – Uploads to all the big video sites Step #4- Builds social singals and helps with ranking your video and get traffic. Very simple right? it is..and it’s jam packed with features but it also has some issues we MUST discuss, so tune into the review and let’s have some fun:

Claims: 7/10

Value: 8/10

Concept: 9/10

Execution: 7.5/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

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Review & Bonuses:

Oh wow this is going to be a very interesting review, you’ll see ūüôā

Here’s the thing, and in a nutshell, this is a product that delivers, gets the job done and has an amazing concept plus the execution of videos, keyword software etc is AMAZING.

But at the same time, It has a danger of saturation and the FINAL product of your video may not impress big fish and may only be useful for CPA, aff marketing, some Ecom and generally making commissions and JVZOO sales. maybe even your own sales pages but once again, not big fish.

As you see in my video review, the final product of the videos, the actual characters may NOT impress big fish at all! and if all the people rank the same thing, wouldn’t that cause saturation?

You know..when It’s jam packed with features..Text To Speech then Audio..lots of animations, music, publishing, syndicating, ranking, discovering competition etc..I really loved it but I HAD had had to tell the truth and tell you what I think the issues are with this one.

Now about the ranking saturation part? You need an part #1 out of my 3 part bonus package is a “Unfair Advantage” package where I’ll give you everything you need to rank better than everyone else and have a clear, unfair advantage over any other buyer of Video Wave.

In addition to that, I am going to give you a list of DFY keywords to use in the software. Part #1 of this software finds how competitive keywords are but where do you find the keywords in the first place?

And better many keywords would you go through until you find the best ones? hundreds? THOUSANDS? well, I am preparing a DFY keyword package with GUARANTEED low competition in MULTIPLE big niches..!!!!!! as bonus #2.

Bonus #3 Р Is a package with DFY materials for your video such as backgrounds, music, animations etc..

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P.S – Find the “2 Minute Challenge Demo” Below..

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Green Screen Lab Review – Create Pro Vids on a budget and make thousands from them

Creating high converting, professional videos is literally THE key to video success.

You attract more traffic, you convert more visitors, you build your brand and authority and best of all, you get a SKILL that most people don’t have.

One of the best ways to create a good video is by using a GREEN SCREEN but to most people it seems like setting up a proper green screen video and studio will cost thousands and ALOT of guess work.

Which is partially true. Now, we have Green Screen Lab. a software+ training + DFY backgrounds to quickly and easily help you create professional green screen videos on a BUDGET.

Plus..if you get the dev right you can flip them on places like fiverr and get paid thousands/month for almost no work. Here’s my full honest review:

Claims: 7/10

Value: 9/10

Execution: 8.5/10

Concept: 8/10

Final Verdict: 8/10

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Review & Bonuses:

So what’s inside Green Screen Lab? You get A training on how to setup your green screen, what equipment to buy, where to buy it, tips of setting it up etc..

Then you get access to a free software to help you edit the screens and training on how to setup the screens with the software, and then you get DFY background to use in the software and you learn how to make money using Green Screens by selling them on Fiverr, which is what I HIGHLY recommend you do. But you must buy OTO1 with developer rights in order to do this which is $47.

Things to keep in mind about this offer are that A. you need to prepare to buy materials for about $100 maybe more which include lights, green screen, tripod and microphone. camera too but he says you can use phone camera. and B. the “free” software is free but it’s not their, It’s a software they recommend. So it’s not really a part of the purchase although they make it seem like it.

That’s it! very will it help you? yes, alot. I friggin loved this product. I ordered a green screen from amazon, now I just need a room to fit everything LOL.

It’s crazy how simple it is to follow, you will be able to create professional, high converting green screen videos in minutes after you get the hang of it but the BEST part is that you’ll be able to flip them.

You can sell them on sites like fiverr if you get the OTO1 developer rights.

Click HERE to get Green Screen Lab + 3 Special Money Making Bonuses!

Now let’s talk about my bonuses ūüôā

Bonus #1 – Fiverr Training –> learn how to sell on fiverr easily and effortlessly, rank high, charge more etc..and apply Green Screen Lab into it to make thousands per month! just like that, few mins of work.

Bonus #2 – ¬†Push Button Covers + Grpahics Wizard –> High quality, glossy and professional graphic packages for all sorts of needs.

Bonus #3 – Video Sales Letter Formula –> learn how to create captivating scripts and use green screen lab to record those and sell more offers, convert CPA offers, have better hooks etc..

Be one of the first 100 to get Green Screen Lab through my link at 10:00 AM EDT and I will send you my special bonuses directly on JVZOO:

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Smart Ads Builder Review – Make every ad campaign a winner + Whitelabel Bonuses

Smart Ads Builder is a special software that will make every ad campaign with FB a winner.

Imagine getting ROI on every try and finally having access to millions of visitors at your fingertips.

No bans because all ads will be compliant..just imagine.

Now stop..because that’s what Smart Ads Builder will do. It will create the ad, make sure It’s compliant, design your banner out of hundreds of templates and an amazing designer tool in drag and drop, then publish it to your fan pages and help you find audiences..Yes..It does all that and more ūüôā Check out my full honest review now:

Claims: 7/10

Value: 8/10

Concept: 7/10

Execution: 8/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

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Review & Bonuses:

You know the minute you log into the software¬†and start your campaign you get this sense of “wow, I know exactly how to operate this machine”.

You know why? because of how simple it is to learn and operate.

I mean all you gotta do is create a campaign, edit the image based on hundreds of templates, choose a page and publish.

Here’s why this software really solves a big problem when it comes to FB ads marketing ESPECIALLY for newbies..

..Because if you don’t know how to create good looking, eye catching, high converting ads, It will create for you.

If you don’t know your audience, it’ll help you find it.

If you don’t know what program to edit your ad images has a very impressive built in image editor.

If you don’t wanna post to your page manually..this integrates with your page and it posts it for you.

It does ALL of the heavy lifting for you.

Click HERE to get Smart Ads Builder with my special bonuses! (100 People Only)

So what is there NOT to like? well, a couple of drawbacks i’ve found during my review:

One – The training itself lacks any sigificant FB marketing training.

YES, It teaches how to use Smart Ads Builder in your business and yes it does walk you through the process of setting up a FB ad with it but that’s it.

What if you’re a newbie in FB ads, or made plenty of mistakes and wanna start over fresh, right?

Well have no fear, because part #1 of my 2 part bonus package is the fixer course, where you’ll learn how to properly setup a FB ad, how to analyze everything, finding the right niches, keywords, audiences..don’t worry you’ll become an expert quickly ūüôā

The other issue is that the “Spying” section if kind of basic.

Yes, It’ll get the job done but no, it’s not for FB Ad professionals, only for beginners and people who do it but struggle.

Now let’s talk about my other bonus…the Whitelabel One.

Firstly, you’re getting access to Smart Social if you don’t have it already, which is a tool of mine that finds and curates GIF images for viral traffic, you will use it on your Fan pages for increased engagement.

Secondly, I am also giving you Whitelabel Rights worth $397 for it, it’s the 500 site license.

You can sell 500 copies per month for whatever price you want. I get a sale of this every day or two and you’re getting it as a bonus for Smart Ads Builder.

Let’s recap my bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Normal FB Ads Training – Fixes Product Problem

Bonus #2 – Smart Social, Traffic & Engagement Booster SOftware

Bonus #3 – Smart Social Whitelabel 500 License ($397/Value)

Get Smart Ads Builder at 11:00 AM EDT and you’ll get my bonuses:

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P.S – To get my bonuses, forward your receipt to

Whitelabel Academy – Sell your own jvzoo style softwares, without developement!

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here with a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing Whitelabel Academy.

Whitelabel Academy is a software that rebrands 5 DFY wordpress plugins that they give you and then a training that shows you how to easily sell it across big platforms without copywriting, without developement, without “ideas” and by having a partner that’ll do all the work for you.

This is an ambitious project but Alex Costan who has made millions last year with this so I had to pay attention..check out my honest review below:

Claims: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Concept: 7/10

Execution: 7.5/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

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Review & Bonuses:

So what is it really? It’s a software and training that teaches you how to take one of the 5 DFY products they give you, re-brand them using the rebrandr software, and then launch it on networks such as JVZOO, Zaxaa, W+ and more, even clickbank and using paid traffic.

Point is, it allows you to start selling your own JVZOO style software for 6 and 7 figures online, build MONSTER buyer lists and become a top affiliate marketer without the issues of thinking about products, about the idea, developing the product, getting affiliates, writing copy..NONE OF THAT.

And you know why? because they will teach you how to find partners that will do all the heavy lifting for you.

And honestly as much as I tried, I couldn’t find any significant drawbacks with this.

Maybe one thing and that is that their rebrandr software CANNOT rebrand plugins outside of the 5 DFY plugins they give you on the F/E.

Now here’s what I really thought that will benefit you as a bonus in this product.

Since I know a thing or two about launches, I’ve had 6 figure weeks with products, I’ve launched over 30+ products, I’ve developed, thought of ideas, wrote copy..JV manage for plenty of launches so I know at least a bit about what works and what does work, and what kind of steps you should be taking to succeed.

So I decided I’ll do something special, and create a special coaching mastermind group where everyone who purchases white label academy through my linkwill get access to, and inside we’ll discuss your progress, your ideas, I’ll give you launch tips, JVgetting tips, software developement to make a winner offer, how to build funnels and how to build a big buyers list among other things.

Just so much value, It’s something¬†that nobody has ever received from me as a bonus and I do believe It can benefit you alot.

I got more good news..there is NO scarcity on this bonus (as many people who buy through this link can get in the mastermind) and also I will be supporting it for at least a FULL YEAR.

So what are you waiting for? get it at 11:00 AM EDT, 3rd of September!

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The Simple Affiliate Review – Newbie friendly way to 6 figures (GUARANTEED success bonus)

Tired of promises one click traffic and 3 clicks success stories? awesome as these promises sound, they rarely deliver and usually people buy these products just to regret it later..It’s part of life I guess, we’ve all been there.

But this time I have something hype, no big promises..a legit, simple, easy, over the shoulder way to build a steady 6 figure/year income stream by building multiple traffic streams and building your list.

What’s so special about it? well..for starters, It WORKS.

But also, I can practically guarantee your success. How? check out my review and wait for the bonus to find out:

Claims: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Concept: 7/10

Execution: 7/10

Final Verdict: 8/10

Launch Date – September 2nd, 10:00 AM EDT.

Price – $5 for the first 3 hours, $7 – $10 dimesale afterwards.

Click HERE to get The Simple Affiliate + My GUARANTEED Success Bonus Package

Review & Bonuses:

So what is it really? TSA is a course that will teach you how to use multiple traffic sources (paid and free) to quickly and easily build a 6 figure business (over time) in the most newbie friendly way ever.

And do it by building a list of targeted subscribers that will buy from your affiliate links.

What I loved about it is that there no “overpromising”. just pure value until you make money.

This system is proven and it works but you gotta realize that It’s far from perfect still..

Members area feels a bit dull and there aren’t enough details or enough information about what to do with your list AFTER your get it..

But don’t let that stop you because this product is like CHEAP AS HELL compared to what you get..$5 early bird for 3 hours and then $7 – $10 dimesale is an absolute STEAL.

On top of that, just because that information about backend is not detailed or some of it even missing doesn’t mean you won’t get it.

In fact I have decided to create a very fat and generous bonus package, especially compared to the product price in which I will also teach you how to profit from your newely built list in INSANE ways and triple and even quadruple the expected earnings you should make from THEIR course..

Click HERE to get The Simple Affiliate + My GUARANTEED Success Bonus Package

So let’s go over the bonuses:

Bonus #1 –¬†Two of my own courses teaching you how to profit from a TINY list..applied GREAT to the simple affiliate system.

Bonus #2 – An additional, “general” traffic source that will help you diversify traffic sources AND have a cheap start (as low as $0.02/targeted click)

Bonus #3 – ($497 value) PERSONAL critique from me on your newely created campaign.

Once you finish the training and go over my bonsues, you should have your campaign ready to go.

Before you hit go, or when you’re in the final stages of your strategy..You send me an email with your receipt to and I will PERSONALLY critique your ENTIRE campaign to GUARANTEE that It’ll be successful and money producing.

This is something you won’t get anywhere for $5 or $10 product, trust me!!! I go above and beyond for you (I try to)

So if you do decide to get it through my link, my bonuses will be there for you.

Click HERE to get The Simple Affiliate + My GUARANTEED Success Bonus Package



Vsource Review – Builds 6 figure profit sites from other people’s content + auto ranks it (BUT there are BIG problems)

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here back with a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing Vsource, a software + plugin + theme that together build you a website packed with OTHER people’s content, RANKS itself, gets direct traffic from OTHER people’s videos and OTHER people’s links all in 6 minutes.

Sounds impressive right? well it is, It’s VERY Impressive to be honest although it does have some issues,

one of them is actually a BIG issue I mention inside, you should watch my review now before you consider buying this ūüôā


Claims: 8/10

Value: 9/10

Concept: 7/10

Execution: 7/10

Final Verdict: 8/10

GOING LIVE August 31st, 10:00 AM EDT
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Review & Bonuses:

Oh yeah, so this is the moment everyone’s been waiting for, the review of Vsource.

Listen once you login and go through training you realize how AMAZING and IMPRESSIVE this product is.

Although it has some bugs, you easily forget about them (sometimes they disappear on their own) once you start using this.

This software and training is broken down into three section,a Research software, a Theme for your wordpress site and a Plugin.

First you use the research software where you find videos based on any keyword you enter and you find videos with lots of engagement and views and broken links so you can hijack the domain.

Then you go to the theme you installed on your site and plugin, follow the instructions and within minutes you have a website jam packed with video content that auto ranks your site, while lots of visitors coming in from your hijacked domain and everything is in place!

It’s so amazing and as I said in the video review, this is PERFECT for part time people or lazy people as it really requires NO work at all.

This won’t make you a millionaire but I think an extra 5-6 figures a year would benefit you, right?

Click HERE to get Vsource + My FIXER Bonus + DFY Bonus For The First 100 People Only!

Now let’s talk about the issues and my bonuses which are here to FIX the issues.

Issue #1 lies in the concept..guys..if thousands of buyers all use the same ranking methods what happens to that ranking method? it’s not effective.

Same goes here..people will buy this and they will all try to take that content and rank using it and only a handful will actually get ranked fast, safely and high.

This is pretty damn annoying, right? Well check this bonuses are always designed to give you the best possible experience and the best value for your purchase so I am preparing this mega bonus for you..

Bonus #1 ¬†fixes this exact problem, I’ll give you a set of tips, plugins, tools and information that’ll quickly give you an ADVANTAGE over other buyers when it comes to SEO and ranking.

Effortlessly you will be able to out rank everyone and secure top spots..LOTS of money will be available to you while other buyers will be in shock of why it’s not working as promised for them.

Another tiny issue is that when you first get started with this you need a set of proven keywords, niches, product names and other things to target BEFORE you even start using this software.

Well, my #2 bonus has JUST THAT and I’m giving you a DFY package with all the keywords and names you need to plug and play into this research software and start finding hidden traffic gems.

This is a big problem solver because you need big niches, profitable ones but also targeted enough, buyer traffic, high engagement keywords etc..etc..

I mean cmon..let me do it for

So to recap:

Bonus #1 – Fixes the BIG issue mentioned above, without it you will struggle.

Bonus #2 – DFY package to help you get started faster based on issue mentioned above.

Ok so these are my bonuses and this is my review of Vsource.

Want my bonuses? be one of the first 100 to get Vsource through my link at august 31st, 10:00 AM EDT for the lowest price possible.

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Please, leave comments below, this helps spread the word! share this!