Leadfunnel Review – Capture Thousands Of Leads And Generate 5 figs/mo From Them On AUTOPILOT

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here and this time I am reviewing LeadFunnel, a cool online based tool that finds leads, captures them, builds relationships with them and makes money from them, on autopilot!

And It gets those leads from TWITTER..and it’s niche based.

In a nutshell, it works in the following steps:

Step #1- research, find and grab leads.

Step #2 – Set up the automated relationship building sequence

Step #3 – Connect everything and start making sales.

So here you go, a well deserved honest review:

Claims: 7.5/10

Value: 7/10

Concept: 8/10

Delivery: 7/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

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Review & Bonuses:

So In this review I actually did a pretty in depth review of the tool, I like the concept and I like how it can make money to anyone from scratch.

When you login it, first you need to figure out a niche, then create a campaign, then start grabbing leads from that campaign and add them to your lead list.

Then you figure out automation, and once you do that, you then start closing sales.

Sounds Too Simple? It’s actually very simple, that’s the beauty of it.

You still have to do some manual work in the lines of “fill in the blanks” and of course actually sell products.

This works great for offline, high ticket CPA, high ticket webinars, Niche based Ecom, Own Products, Recurring Products.

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Here’s where my bonus comes in..the only problem in my opinion with this software offer is that you don’t get any significant advantage over other users unless you get some following and become an influencer, even just a few K.

Also, basic twitter knowledge will help and picking the RIGHT niche from the get go is CRUCIAL..so my DFY package covers everything.

I’ll give you DFY niches..lists of influencers in each niche..and a way to become a top influencer on twitter yourself.

So much that you will learn how to COMMAND traffic from twitter on demand to any link.

This is only available to the first 75 people that will buy LeadFunnel through my link at 9:00 AM EST, 22nd July.

Price: $37 for 100 leads (BIG NO NO) or $197 for Unlimited Leads (only option that makes any sense)

Release Date: July 22nd, 9:00 AM EDT.

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Email Jeet Review – The Software That Increased MY Email Open Rates By 600% WTF I didn’t expect this

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here with a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing Email Jeet, a self hosted, desktop based email autoresponder that focuses on one thing – delivery.

It didn’t come here to be fancy or “advanced”..nah, It just gets your emails opened, period.

The crazy part? when I started reviewing it, I didn’t know what’s gonna happen.

I imported a list and my open rates increased by 600%, if not more by now.

I swear, that is the craziest delivery rate I have ever seen.

But it’s not a perfect software, and in fact, It may not save you money on an autoresponder at all..

Why? let’s get to the review:

Value: 9/10

Claims: 9/10

Delivery: 7.5/10

Concept: 7.5/10

Final Verdict: 8/10

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Review & Bonuses:

So I begin my review but simply showing you how it works..It’s very simple.

You download the software, install, make the initial email SMTP setup and then you’re good to go.

You can Import ANY list on the planet without any double optin or confirmation process.

And the delivery rate..well..WOW..it’s the best delivery rate i have ever seen in my entire life…I got more than 600% INCREASE in opens..THAT’S CRAZY..trust me, it is.

Here’s the thing, which is also the main drawback..this does NOT replace an autoresponder.

Meaning that if someone says “ditch your autoresponder”..they haven’t actually tested the software..

The problem is while this one delivers like crazy..it does not have all the fancy forms and features and it is not built for that.

ALSO, you still have to get an email provider to use it, such as sendgrid etc..you still need to pay for those subs one way or another.

But it’s totally worth it, especially with my results.

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That’s why, I’m providing this crazy bonus..12 in fact.

Bonus #1 – 10 “Software” Bonus Bundle For Various Email MARKETING +Online Marketing Needs

Bonus #2 – “SEO” Harvester –

Harvest unlimited niche keywords. This fast and user friendly software application allows you to search for ultra targeted keywords for your content campaign. Get more value with this SEO keyword research tool.

Bonus #3 (and the best) – Let me personally show you how to build a MONSTER list for free, fast and a BUYER list..just like that! proven method!

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Text Response Review – 98% Open Rates To Your Audience Using Using AFFORDABLE Texting!

Hey guys, Tom Yevsikov here and I’ll be doing todays review in TEXT..

Reason why is because I have fever..I am weak and I am also having some caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

I’m very sorry that there’s no video next time, I’ll take to make it as detailed as possible anyway.

Today, I am reviewing Text Response..A text messaging software, the first of it’s kind I believe that allows you to send text messages to your audience for higher open rates and for way less than anyone else will charge.

TEXTING is extremely powerful and by sending texts you ALWAYS get higher engagement, higher opens, higher clicks, more trust..especially if that audience signed up to receive those messages.

What’s good about it is that people also answer fast however there’s ONE major problem..It’ll cost ya.

I remember I rented a text service just over a year ago to send to 150 targeted people in the weight loss niche, they never heard of me before.

I got like 50 opens and 2 sales at $47 each with 50% commission..I made $47 total, got some leads, but I paid $100 for that service..It’s insane.

So, basically texting is expensive..mass texting even more.

What this software allows you to do is to first off, bulk text people for super low price..and two to communicate with your audience inside the app, respond to their text responses.

It’s good stuff, but it also comes with drawbacks.

The benefits are of course..the CHEAPNESS of sending and the proper communication.

The drawbacks however are that you need a new mobile number with an unlimited texts package and perhaps even a dedicated phone just for that to be safe, one business phone and one own..but not a must.

But definitely must buy a new phone number with unlimited texts if you don’t have one already.

Once you do that, you will need to make the initial software setup, download the app and you’re good to go.

Everything you need is created inside the dashboard and all you gotta do is build an audience, It’s alot of money saved, seriously if you ever wanted to use text in your marketing..this is the one.

Ba dum dum dum ba dum (supposed to be some kind of Drum Roll..) PRICES:

You can send unlimited texts but you pay for the subscribers..not monthly, just one time as seen below:

$47   –   3,000 Subscriber Database
$97   –   8,000 Subscriber Database
$197 – 25,000 Subscriber Database

Those are the 3 front end options you will be presented with when you’ll want to buy.

I would’nt go for the $97 package, I’d go for the $47 if I wanna start small or all in if I want to..well..go all in haha.

Here are my scores and then we’ll talk about the OTO’s/Upsells:

Value: 7/10

Concept: 7/10

Delivery: 7/10

Claims: 7/10

Final Verdict: 7/10

Get it at 11:00, July 19th for the lowest price possible:

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OK let’s talk OTO prices and what they are..I am warning you beforehand..there are PLENTY of upgrades on this one..PLENTY.

OTO 1 – $97 PRO version will allow to send images and grab email address from texts.

OTO 2 – $97 Text Maibox is like email mailbox just for text (see in case study)

OTO 3 – $97 twillio local number module which allows generation of local numbers and grab subscribers with twillio but later send texts for free with TextResponse.

OTO 4 – $47/m-$147/m account upgrade to 3, 10, 20 phone lines

So as you can see, you need to CHERRY pick which OTO’s you will want because if you get them all, It’s gonna cost you.

Anywayz, here’s a summary:

This is the first time you get a chance to actually use the power of texts for so CHEAP and so easily.

It’s all done in one dashboard and you can utilize the power of 98% open rates.

On the other hand however, this software DOES require you getting an unlimited texts package if you don’t have one already and a new phone number dedicated just for this.

I personally recommend this and I think this is a door to very very big marketing opportunities, It’s definitely the future.

Get it at 11:00, July 19th for the lowest price possible:

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Easy Links Review – Increase Profits & Engagement In 10 Seconds

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here and I’m back with a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing Easy Links, you should pay attention to this review if you are someone who is spending money on retargeting, affiliate marketing campaigns, cloaking, redirecting, tracking etc..because this tool is currently the best one in the field and it will do all those functions and save you hundreds of dollars per year.

In addition to that, it’s very simple to use and It helped generate millions of dollars online to users and the creators themselves.

I’m here to find out if it’s high quality, lives to it’s promises, usable, buggy or whatever, review the good, bad and upsells.

Let’s do this:

Value: 7/10

Claims: 8/10

Delivery: 7/10

Concept: 7.5/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

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Review & Bonuses:

First off I think my favorite part of this tool is the testimonials, users and the fact that the creators actually use it.

Furthermore, I ADORE the fact that they have the proof to backup over 500k profits made by them only..

They use it in CPA businesses, Ecom businesses, Affiliate promotion..managing leads, FB ads..ANY ads..It’s perfect for everything.

You can calculate ROI, add retargeting into the links..it’s jam packed with features and bottom line, it’s a high quality product.

If I were to find a drawback, It’s definitely the fact that there is some sort of an on going learning to the software..

It’s just not as intuitive as easy to use as it could be.

I mean It is easy but there’s something there that doesn’t really scream “simple”.

Nothing serious tbh, but it may bug you a bit, especially at first.

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My bonuses are awesome though, check these out:

Lucky 7 Bonus Package:

Bonus #1 – Fasttrack to free traffic, the “it actually works” edition.

Bonus #2 – Speed Copy Software

Bonus #3 – Doing videos? get this killer sales video formula that generated millions.

Bonus #4 – Insta-Conversion-Booster Software, just get your visitors to TAKE action on whatever it is you’re selling.

Bonus #5 – General Stock Photos, Proven To Convert Edition.

Bonus #6 – How To Make $5,000/sale without being a “skilled coach” or any of that stuff.

Bonus #7 – Survey Builder, a software that builds surveys for increased engagement.

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Talk soon,

Tom Yevsikov

Price: $47

Release Date: July 18th, 9:00 AM EST.

Here’s their VSL, worth watching:

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Live Blaster Review – Siphon Traffic From Youtube Using A Clever Loophole…

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here and welcome back to a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing Live Blaster, a software that utilizes live streaming (WITHOUT ACTUALLY STREAMING ANYTHING) to get videos ranked super high and increase traffic in an instant.

What it basically does is, you upload any video you want into the software, mark it as live event and when it goes live it auto ranks the highest, and then auto records that and allows higher rankings across ALL search engines.

So, Is it buggy, is it worth it..did I get any results? let’s check it out!

Value: 7/10

Claims: 8/10

Concept: 7/10

Delivery: 7/10

Final Verdict: 7/10

[July 15th, 11:00 AM EST] Click HERE To Get Live Blaster For The LOWEST Price Possible!

Review and Bonuses:

So the software is fairly simple and very affordable and what I liked is that once you login and go through the initial, fairly annoying setup (must happen) all you gotta do is create  events in any niche and make them go live.

A traffic advantage is GUARANTEED. guaranteed. yes.

However during my review I’ve found bugs, several (minor but there) and of course the infamous issue of “too many OTO’s” on the funnel.

Look all in all this is a solid offer with a good value for money, it works, it ranks and it gets you traffic.

Now what about my bonuses? well, apologies this time I have no bonuses for you, hopefully next time.

Reason is I find it extremely hard to think of actually beneficial and helpful bonuses to  something that is either very complete or out of my “niche” or things I have alot of knowledge of.

Overall this is a solid offer, I suggest you get it for the lowest price when it goes live:

[July 15th, 11:00 AM EST] Click HERE To Get Live Blaster For The LOWEST Price Possible!

Price: $27

Release Date: July 15th,  11:00 AM EST.

Insta Video Agency Review – Make $500/Day Selling This Biz IN A Box Service (NO SKILLS NEEDED)

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here with a-nother honest review and BEFORE I begin let me tell you a little bit about what happened to me today.

Well..my new car just arrived…I sold my 2015 BMW 3 series and bought this brand new, RIDICILOUSLY COMFORTABLE 2016 A4!!!!
OMG look at the picture DAMNNN:


Now let’s talk about the review 🙂

Today I am reviewing Insta Video Agency. a DFY business in a box opp that allows you to sell professional VIDEO commericials for $400 – $600 a piece.

You get the website, you get the actual videos to sell, you get the rights, the sales material, the training..EVERYTHING is covered.

ALL YOU gotta do is to actually sell that and make monies.

Well, what do I think about it? let’s dig straight into the review:

Claims: 7/10

Value: 8/10

Concept: 7/10

Delivery: 7.5/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

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So we start the review by showing you the types of videos you are going to be selling (VERY impressive), the theme you get for your website (basic but gets the job done) and telling you a bit about the training.

All in all, as said In the review it’s a very SOLID product and a true opportunity to cash in on something with AUTOMATION possible and RECURRING income as well as viral client traffic.

I like it..I recommend it and the only drawback that I could find is the fact that you need to CALL clients on the phone to close them SOMETIMES..

It’s actually suggested you do so as you will have a higher conversions rates.

Other than that, no problemo.

So you’re probably wondering..Tom..what’s your bonus eh?

Well, there isn’t any. I’m sorry.

Here’s the thingy..this is not my niche. not my zone..Usually my bonuses benefit the product in some way, but I just can’t seem to find anything I can add of value, you know?

I would instead suggest you still get it if you’re interested and take action but to be honest, as much as it’s a DFY biz in a box..if you don’t take action there is NO way you’ll make it work.

So, if you’re interested, get it at 11:00 AM EST, July 13th:

Click HERE To Grab Insta Video Agency For The LOWEST Price Ever.

Price: $50

Release Date: July 13th, 11:00 AM EST.

Revamply Review – Clone, Edit and Backup Any Page On The Planet..My Most Amazing Bonus To Date

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here with a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing the big bad REVAMPLY.

So what is it? Revamply is a very advanced software that takes any page on the web, breaks it down into elements and allows you to clone, backup and FULLY edit it on the fly in levels you have never imagined possible.

So..This is one of those reviews when I’m like screw it..It’s an amazing software right off the bat LOL!

But I think you will enjoy this light review where I demo the software on my website,.It’s super easy to use as well.

[snapreviews post='838']
Final Verdict: 8/10

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Revamply + My MONSTER Bonus 
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Review & Bonuses

In my review I show you a demo of how it works on my blog
and really what I loved about reviewing this software 
is that it's self explanatory and there's not much explaining needed.

You literally take ANY link on the web and edit the s**t out of it, 
you  can re-sell those new websites, you can backup anything, 
clone anything and delete or add any elements..this is amazing 
for CPA, Ecom and you know what? this is amazing for everyone.
I literally removed any element I wanted and added any element 
I wanted..

Point is, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this 
software so big kudos to Sam Bakker and Rohit for creating such a badass 
tool I swear I am in love.

Drawbacks? none. no bugs, no issues, all in place..loved it.

(First time no drawbacks at all btw)

Now let's talk about my bonus..I wanted to give something 
EXTREMELY special for Revamply..
so, I decided I will give you my next launch + it's 2 OTO's for free, 
to the first 50 people only though.

On august 3rd, I am set to release Smart Social, a clever 
software that helps generate instant and massive 
amounts of free social traffic to any offer in any niche...
and I'll give you FREE access to it once it's ready 
(closer to 3rd, all instructions on the bonus page AFTER purchase
, don't worry I've done this before and people ALWAYS 
get what they paid for and then some)

Anywayz..This is something I rarely do..but I am limiting it to the first 
100 people only that get Revamply on the 12th of July, 10:00 AM EST.
Click Here To Get Revamply + My MONSTER Bonus
 (Almost GONE)
Revamply Price: $197 (limited time) Release Date: 12th July, 10:00 AM EST.

Ecom Profit Machine Review – Point & Click Software Make Fully Fledged Ecom Affiliate Stores. (HYPED UP!)

Hey hey hey..Tom Yevsikov here with a-nother honest review and this one gets a little bit nasty..haha.

Here’s the thing, what we have in front of us is a great, powerful software that creates self ranking affiliate ecom stores with monster design potential and a great..great user interface and commission potential.

The issue begins with how it’s positioned..as a simple, point and click software that creates awesome businesses etc etc..

I found that to be too hypey when in fact this software has a pretty big learning curve and it also has lots of manual setup work.

But at the same time, I find it extremely profitable, has good potential and with my bonuses it can also make your life much easier and potential income much bigger.

Watch the review and see as I drill deep down into the software:

[snapreviews post='825']
Final Verdict: 7/10

Click HERE To Get E.P.M + My DFY 
Bonus Package (First 100 Only)

Review & Bonuses:
I've prepared for you a demo of a website created using this software below, take a look:


So as you can see, It’s a beautiful, responsive and pretty well laid out ecom affiliate website that was created quickly using this software.

In theory, all the creator did was find his niche, choose a category, choose from a list of products based on keyword, choose reviews, add them based on what he wanted and design his website by his choice.

And you know what? that’s exactly what he did. BUT…what you have to go through in order to be skilled enough to do what I described above quickly is a LEARNING curve..

The first time you use shopify? NIGHTMARE..same thing here.

Here’s the thing..It’s an amazing, good, WORKING platform but it takes time to master..It becomes point and click ONLY when you mastered how to use it.

Also, you need to install it on your hosting (not WordPress) which is also a technical process.

All in all, expectations don’t meet reality and if they would’ve just said hey, my software creates amazing ecom affiliate sites, grabs products and has amazing design features, that would be sweet.

But they promise 1 click hypemonsters and It’s just not there.

So I had an idea of what kind if bonus I can provide for this amazing software…

Bonus #1 – How to generate FB ads traffic to your new affiliate Ecom sites..

Bonus #2 – 25 DFY proven to sell, fit july 2016 and beyond ECOM niches to pursue and their exact keywords.

Ah, pretty great, right? 🙂

So these will be available to you once you purchase IF you get it through my link and IF you are one of the first 100 to do so.

Ready? let’s do this 🙂

Click HERE To Get E.P.M + My DFY 
Bonus Package (First 100 Only)

[REVIEW] VydioX – 1 Click Video Profit Sites WITHOUT Video Creation + BONUS

Hey! Tom Yevsikov here with A-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing VydioX, A one click software that pumps out Video Profit Sites filled with videos that auto rank themselves on complete autopilot in your chosen niche..without needing to create content or videos.

Very exciting concept, very good potential however as you’ll see in the review not everything is perfect, luckily I did this review.

I am telling you beforehand though, my bonuses fixes and boosts whatever needs fixing and boosting.

I think you will enjoy this review alot because this is a very interesting offer to people who want easy money and are not sure about what business model they want to pursue.

[snapreviews post='805']
Final Verdict - 7.5/10
Click HERE To Get VydioX+ My DFY 
+ FIXER Bonuses (100 Available Only)

Review & Bonuses:

OK so what this software does is basically you go ahead, choose your categories, choose your template, add your autoresponder if you like and then it auto finds videos in your niche, It’s a very advanced curator.

After that, you hit add on whichever video you want, or multiple videos and you make the website go live.

Done, you have a ready made website..and you can also then go back and customize the look and feel of the website.

I have found some minor bugs but that’s really not important, what’s more important in my opinion is the issue with the “Niche Clashing” and overall, how un-effective this tool is if sold to many people at once.

Ok now imagine 2,000 people buy, 300 actually use, out of them 10..15 may choose the very same niche..this means they will all be competing against each other on the ranking..WTF right?

So, it loses effectiveness ESPECIALLY in the big niches and it’s a big turn-down.

So I have prepared and tailored my bonuses to fix that, here they are:

Bonus #1 – DFY Product Package (Ecom + Affiliate Offers) in niches that fit this software so you can simply INSERT into your new pages and make money on a true passive manner, very very cool.

Bonus #2 – Fixer and Booster –> Software/Training that will help you RANK in any niche FASTER on google..effortlessly and beat every other VydioX buyer.

Yup..I thought about everything.

Click HERE To Get VydioX+ My DFY 
+ FIXER Bonuses (100 Available Only)

Please let me know in the comments what you think 🙂

FYI: Here’s the OFFICIAL demo video:

Snap Reviews Review – INSTANTLY Create Review Sites That Make You A JVZOO Super Affiliate (BIG PROBLEM THOUGH)

Hey everyone! Tom Yevsikov here with a-nother honest review and this time I am reviewing Snap REVIEWS..

Snap Reviews is a training plus software that allows you to Instantly create review sites and then generate free traffic to them and promote affiliate offers, specifically JVZOO.

It’s fairly quick to see results and very fast to setup and overall I liked how both the software and training work together.

So if you’ve ever wanted to make 10k – 25k/month and become a TRUE jvzoo affiliate, watch my review and bonuses:

[snapreviews post=’786′ section=’rating’]

(10:00 AM EST, July 3rd) Click Here To Get Snap Reviews With My Special Traffic Booster Bonuses (first 100 only)

Summary & Bonuses:

So the concept is simple: You install it on your wordpress site, you follow the instructions, you grab a product, write a review (or record a video even better) and you rank it FAST for free traffic.

So far, so good. Now you focus on JVZOO products and on Launch Jacking which means you will be doing work before the launch and once it goes live you start profiting on complete autopilot.

Software is a bit buggy and sluggish and not flexible enough for my liking but a newbie who wants to make money with this will have no problem with it and it’s good enough.

The training is very good, very well explained and clearly taught by professionals who have BALLS to share real, insider information that makes them a s**t ton of monies.

(10:00 AM EST, July 3rd) Click Here To Get Snap Reviews With My Special Traffic Booster Bonuses (first 100 only)

Now here’s where my bonus comes in..I’m giving two actually.

Look the way I see it, you have two main problems with this concept:

  1. If ya’ll gonna use the same ranking methods, you’re not gonna get results with it, guaranteed so you need an advantage when it comes to launch jacking.
  2.  You need additional, faster and more controllable traffic source which are also free.

And this is where my bonuses come in..

Bonus #1 – Traffic Assist, how to rank higher than everyone else without lifting a finger and have an advantage over every Snap Reviews buyer.

Bonus #2 – BOOST your traffic with an additional FREE traffic source that you can CONTROL more..Don’t put all your eggs in one basket..GREAT bonus as well.

THis is available only to the first 100 people to get it through my link at 10:00 AM EST, July 3rd so be swift and hope you enjoyed my review and bonuses:

(10:00 AM EST, July 3rd) Click Here To Get Snap Reviews With My Special Traffic Booster Bonuses (first 100 only)