Bay Profits Academy Review – 20k/Month with Ebay and Free traffic, real results in days.

Hey! Tom Yevsikov back again with a-nother honest review and this time I’m reviewing Bay Profits Academy, how to make 20k and more a month from scratch with free traffic and inventory, no paid traffic, no waiting for results.

This is a training course that goes into somewhat OK depth into the subject, sharing ONLY what you need to know to get the results.

You can make money within days and make a good income THIS month, It’s all possible and It’s also somewhat automated after you set the whole thing up.

Fun review, great bonuses and some humor all in this latest:

Value: 7/10

Claims: 7,5/10

Delivery:  7/10

Concept: 9/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

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Review + Bonuses:

So I start the review by showing the members area..pretty normal I guess..

In fact, I think that the whole vibe of this course..NORMAL. Nothing fancy, nothing bad. nobody overdelivers, nobody under delivers.

The teaching, to the more, no less…just, normal you know?

The GOOD stuff actually reside in the concept..I mean once you start, you cannot stop. they cover how to build an automated Ecom business with ebay without shipping, inventory OR paid traffic which is so awesome. and then he gooes into how to set everything up without a to find niche everything.

If you take action, you can see results in days, and It’s also pretty automated.

I really loved this product, otherwise this review wouldn’t have went live but it has something special about it..It’s different, It works.

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Also, you can flip this business for 6-7 figures in the future no problems.

All in all, I fully stand behind it and also I have created this DFY bonus that will get you results faster.

I’m giving you at least 10 DFY products that are: – proven to sell – cheap to outsource – Proven to have good rating to use in this method..this isn’t PLR, this is a real DFY package.

Just add them into your store and start profiting, very simple.

Bay profits academy goes live on july 2nd, 11:00 AM EST, To get my bonuses, click below:

(Only 100 bonuses available)

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Viddyoze Review – Gorgeous Video Animations & Effects In Seconds…The Best Bonus Package On The Planet.

Video…It’s the future isn’t it? Statistics say that video use and video content consumption almost doubles year by year.

But if video is the future of marketing, then what is the future of Video? Well, I sure as hell hope It’s Viddyoze because this tool blew my socks into outer space.

Viddyoze is a cloud based app that Creates video intros, Animated Logo’s, Video outros, Video CTA’s..Video Lower Thirds, Viral Social Animations etc..And if you get the commercial license, you can also re-sell those to clients.

In just a few steps it does it and yeah, It’s super smooth and It’s well executed.

Just let me show you, live:


Value: 8/10

Delivery: 8/10

Concept: 8/10

Final Verdict: 8/10

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Oh viddyoze Viddyoze..why do you have to be so refined.

Yeah, I think refined is the perfect word to describe this tool, my experience with it was phenomenal and If they will allow me, I will continue using it.

It’s works very easily..step #1 – choose a template. step #2 – add text or upload your branding image (or the image your client provides you), then choose whatever you want in the customization area. step #3 – hit render and wait…and start using or selling these beautiful HD videos.

No way it’s that simple? Yes it is..and not only that, the whole process is smooth, bug free and rather amazing, no matter how you look at it, this is a branding machine, a money producing machine and a conversions machine all in one.

THE only drawback? there’s no have to render download and finish the whole process before you can watch if your work needs tweaking.

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Anyways these also come with the option of disabling or enabling “audio” on the you can use their default audio or use one of your own to further customize and make it unique.

This is where my first bonus comes in..I’ll give you a pack of Audios you can use both for yourself or your clients in the Viddyoze videos you create, this is a pack you can use for free and legally.

But that’s not all, my bonus #2 is even you know how Viddyoze Commerical License gives you the option to re-sell those animations to businesses..well tell me, do you know HOW to get started and do this? most likely, no.

You may have a general idea but you’re not quite there.

This is where my bonus comes in, I’ll create a training that will show you how to go from scratch to re-selling these animations successfully without any knowledge risk..IN FACT I’ll show you how they can come to you! It’s all yours after you purchase Viddyoze through my link below! just make sure to clear your cookies before you hit my link 🙂

I am really, REALLY trying to overdeliver here because of how I love this amazing product so hope you can feel my excitement.

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[REVIEW] WP Link Shield 2, Increase Traffic & Commissions By 60% In ONE Click, Crazy FACTS Inside!

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here and welcome to another honest review, this time I am reviewing WP Link Shield…

Before I even begin..let me just tell you that I started using it on my blog and will continue using it, because I trust it and I know it will increase my profits.

This blog makes over 6 figures a year..I need TRUSTED and EFFECTIVE software to use on it only 🙂

Now let’s talk about it..So, WP Link Shield is the most advanced Link Cloaker out there that with one click Increases traffic and profits by 60%.
Why? well, because It solves two big problems:
1. A non cloaked link will get blocked or reported as spam instantly, resulting in lots of bounces and traffic loss..FACT: Most link cloakers aren’t even cloaking..they’re just redirecting.

2. Even IF you have a “normal” link cloaker and you are no longer losing lots of traffic and get spammed..ALL link cloakers BREAK the page on mobile.

FACT: MOST of your MOBILE! so it means that all these link cloakers cause more damage than good.It’s a joke.

So, WP Link Shield solves this..and does it all with one click:

Claims: 9/10

Delivery: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Concept: 9/10

Final Verdict: A Solid 8/10.

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Review & Bonuses:

So what I like about it is that it’s ONLY a link cloaker..this is also what I don’t like about it.

LOL let me explain…Because it’s only a link cloaker (that will save your business and make your life easy plus make u lots of money) then the install is simple, and everything is done quickly and simply.

However It’s also only a cloaker..So while I believe it’s priceless, not everyone may see it that way..and feel It’s undervalued for the moolah.

ANother drawback is that the offer has 6 upsells.

Not 1..not 2..6. OMG. 

Well at least you don’t HAVE to buy them..In fact some of them are just OK..nothing to write home about.

Click Here To Get WP Link Shield 2.0 + My 3 *VALUE PACK* Bonus Package

Anyway to make your lives easier and to boost the perceived value of This amazing plugin I have decided to give you these 3 special bonuses:

1. 200 Social Media Tactics to start getting traffic to your newly, mobile responsive, safe and RANKING links.

2. Image Converter..very simple desktop app that converts images from gif to PNG ETC ETC..just useful and we all need it.

3. 100 software ideas in multiple IM sub niches..this is brilliant for the right person.

All 3 delivered to you instantly after purchase.

WP Link Shield goes live at 10:00 AM EST, 25th June.

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Video Course Cash Kit – GUARANTEED Method to bring passive income? wtf how is that even possible??

Hey, It’s Tom Yevsikov here back with another honest review and this time I am reviewing Video Course Cash kit.

Although the name sounds hypey, here’s something that will sound even MORE hypey:

Money. Is. Guaranteed (if you take action). WTF??

Yeah, but It’s true. and that’s not everything…Once you do build this machine and set it up, It will make you money for months and even years on complete autopilot.

So what is it? well, It’s a training course that teaches you about how to sell video courses online for passive income, even if you never created anything online or know anything about the subject.

Along with that, It’s a guaranteed way to make $100 or your money back PLUS you also get “agency” rights to re-sell this entire course up to 50 copies with their sales page, their everything, your JVZOO buy button.

Interested? I bet you are, let’s get straight to the review:


Value: 9/10

Concept: 7/10

Delivery: 7.5/10

Claims: 7.5/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

Click Here To Get Video Course Cash Kit + My DFY Package

Summary & Bonuses:

So the minute you will login you will notice that the navigation is super simple and smooth.

The course consists out of more than 55 videos..all short and to the point covering every single aspect you need to know.

Honestly? as much as I would like to complain, nit pick stuff and just tear it apart, there’s nothing that will allow me to do that.

Except maybe one thing that bothers me..It would be that at first It will overwhelm you with all those videos.

But after starting it will go so fast you will not notice it, I promise you.

Click Here To Get Video Course Cash Kit + My DFY Package

So I guess the question that remains is..

“Tom dude, can u shut up and just tell me –> can this make me money…on autopilot?”

YES, pure passive income is virtually GUARANTEED but only if you’re willing to take action and put some effort upfront.

Now let’s talk about my bonus…Creating these video courses is fine..they cover everything inside but hey..what is you could have your course DFY?

What if…you could just download a course, make some edits to the positioning, angle..change the name, add an article for download or something and simply start selling it for passive income?

Yeah, that’s my bonus..I’m giving you 10 different DFY Video COurses to use for this product..this will give you a headstart for speed but at the same time educate you for when you will create future courses.

This is a good DFY package and the only way to get it is to get Video Course Cash Kit through my link when it goes live at 11:00 AM EST, 19th June:

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BlogFusion Review – INSTANTLY Create Traffic Pulling Blogs That Self Monetize + BONUS

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here with another honest review and this time I am reviewing BlogFusion by OJ James.

So what is BlogFusion? blog fusion is a WP plugin that instantly creates “authority” sites with content curated, self updating, self optimizing systems.

In addition to that, It also finds images keywords and gives you full flexbility over the whole thing..these sites can be used from scratch to make money or they can be used as a great content curator, image curator and traffic increasing (it also gets free SEO traffic) for bloggers, CPA marketers, Amazon affiliates, Ecom marketers to an extent and affiliate marketers.

Overall this is a powerful tool..did I also mention that it has a spinner?

Here’s the thing..this tool is so’s probably the best in it’s category.

The question can It make you the monies:

Claims: 7/10

Value: 9/10

Delivery: 7/10

Concept: 7.5/10

Final Verdict: 8/10

Click Here To Get BlogFusion For The Lowest Price + My DFY Bonus

Summary & Bonuses:

So in the review we go over all the features it has, how it works, how it looks etc..

Here’s the thing..It’s good, it does it all and it’s smooth however here are the drawbacks in my opinion:

  1. It’s only a WP plugin..good enough, I wish it was like a”HUB” based app like instaniche for example (NOTE – It’s better than instaniche anyway)
  2. Training is there, clarity isn’t. what this means is that while the training is awesome, explain evrything clearly etc..inside the actual software, the steps you need to take..there is no “help” or “note” icon next to it to explain what it is..heck, even just a small explanation.

A good example would be when the software asks to choose a “silo”.

At FIRST I was is a silo? Ineeded to go to the training to understand that and then back to instructions.

So minor learning curve that could be avoided.

BUt that’s it..aside from that, this baby is self feeding, self optimizing, self monetizing and traffic sucking and it does it all in a very smooth and automated manner.

So here’s my custom, special bonuses:

I will give you 5 BLOG FUSION tailored offers in 5 different niches to simply Plug and Play INTO the software and start profiting.

Very simple, Instantly delivered on thank you page of the bonuses, just need to grab the product through my link when it goes live at 11:00 AM EST, 18th June.

Click Here To Get BlogFusion For The Lowest Price + My DFY Bonus

OH Btw, here’s a demo:


If you need anything simply leave a comment below, I’m eager to see what you think.

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MobileX Review – DFY Biz In A Box Makes 6 Figs Part Time With 0 Competition.

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here back with another honest review and this time I am reviewing MobileX.

What is MobileX? It’s a DFY business in a box opportunity that makes 6 figures doing it part time and one of the best parts is that it has 0 competition.

Why? well because of the concept..MobileX is basically a platform that allows you to increase your reach by sending bulk SMS messages to your audience.

Sounds great right? But here’s the thing…MobileX is actually also a training and platform that allows you to RESELL those bulk sms services for fee to both offline and online clients.

The creator has been banking over 6 figures part time doing this and in todays review you will understand exactly how it works and how you can make money with it:


Claims: 7.5/10

Value: 7.5/10

Delivery: 7/10

Concept: 8/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

Click Here To Get Mobile X For The LOWEST Price Possible

Ok so to explain with EASE how MobileX works and how It’s DFY, take this example:

XYZ bakery want to send a 50% discount sales notice to customers who have opted to receive sms they can either sign up on a MobileX powered sms website or bulk import them into MobileX, and then you can charge them a fee of using..per SMS..

The question that remains is A. is it complicated and takes alot of time and  B. how do I find those clients?

Answer to A. It takes time to setup up but once you’re up and running It’s part time and pretty much automated.

Answer to B. That’s where their training comes in…he teaches you EVERYTHING he does. that includes where to find, how to do it quickly and how to close the deal and start banking within days if not less.

So what are the drawbacks? Well, the main drawback is that the software is busy, complicated and it takes time to learn.

But once you do, It’s fairly simple to use.

I think my final verdict is fair and I believe that if you Invest in it on June 16th, 11:00 AM EST you can plug and play this part time business within a few days be ready for profit.

Click Here To Get Mobile X For The LOWEST Price Possible

Here’s the video that explains the concept so much better than I ever will:

VSL (must watch)

Click Here To Get Mobile X For The LOWEST Price Possible


Bonus #1 – 20 DFY SMS Messages

Bonus #2 – Mobile X Portfolio WP Theme

Bonus #3 – 15 DFY FB Ads for desktop and Mobile

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Instaviral Review – Unlimited Viral Traffic Using Memes…And Why It Won’t Work For 95% Of People

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here with another honest review and this one is set to be the most exciting one to date.

I am reviewing Instaviral, a viral traffic generation software that creates memes that get shared Instantly on 15 different social media sites to explode your links with viral traffic.

This type of traffic will work best with CPA, Lead Generation and Ecommerce or a combination of them all.

The software is very simple..however, It will not work for 95% of people..want to know why? Watch my review now:

Claims: 7.5/10

Delivery: 8/10

Concept: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Final Verdict: 8/10

Click Here To Get Instaviral + My 10X Booster Bonus Package

Summary & Bonus:

So this software is drop dead simple and that’s one of the reasons It’s so powerful.

All you gotta do it to open their image editor, grab a viral element (quote, fact) based on any keyword that you want, put into the image, customize the image (very good editor) and then publish it to 15 different networks (must have accounts on each, one time setup) and bam, those start getting shared and you start getting traffic because you choose where that image link will lead, to any URL (better to shorten).

So why will this not work for 95% of people? well because of how it works:

So you share on your account..but unless you have SOME related following on these accounts, who’s gonna share those memes?

SO while It’s super duper powerful to have memes..someone’s gotta start the circle, right? So unless you have a following, you’ll struggle to get this thing started.

Well this is where my bonus comes in..I am going to teach you how to get a following in 5 different social media networks, FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, G+.

And there is going to be a training on EACH. SO you’re covered and you will not struggle with this.

My Bonus Is Going To INSTANTLY Boost This By 10 Times AND Fix The Biggest Problem It Has!

Click Here To Get Instaviral + My 10X Booster Bonus Package

Another advantage of this bonus is that you will have an advantage of using this software of xxxx amount of customers this software will have.

Understand how magical this can be? 🙂

Not only that, along with my 10x Booster bonus, I AM also giving those bonuses courtesy of the vendor:


Want your viral images to appear only at specific times? No problems! Instaviral can handle that. Just schedule the images according to your preferred times.


Get more traffic from your Facebook page by putting in links.


Ping top search engines and websites whenever you create new content and get ranked faster.


Find the best keywords for any niche easily.


Find the top video keywords that you can target for best RoI based on Google Keywords data.


Get a traffic boost on your website from Pinterest easily! Every strategy revealed.


Get unlimited traffic from social media with this comprehensive guide that reveals hidden tricks and ideas.


Unstoppable amount of traffic to any website. See how that’s done.

Auto Article Wizard

YouTube Top Notch

Clipart Splash!

Presentation Powergear

CPA Marketing Bible

Sales Page Builder

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Stealth Tube Review – Instantly DOUBLE Conversions On Any Type Of Offer

Hey, How are you doin?! wow feels so good to make another review after such a long time without reviews…

I’ve been super busy, but well..what can you do 🙂

Plus it’s not like there were many great products out there, nothing to write home about that’s for sure.

Anywayz today I am reviewing StealthTube, a Youtube SURVEY Funnel creation software that INSTANTLY doubles conversions on any type of offers.

In my honest opinion though, I think that depending on the business model and how the business model can even 50x your profits, no kidding.

It’s limitless, It’s NEW (first of it’s kind creator) and It’s very confusing at first..LOL..ladies and gentlemen I present to you..the honest review of StealthTube 🙂

Value: 6/10

Claims:  7/10

Delivery: 7/10

Concept: 9/10

Final Verdict: 7/10

Click Here To Get StealthTube + My Outsmart Bonus

Summary & Bonus Details:

So what stealthtube allows you to do is to create youtube survey funnels right inside videos, and it will redirect to a video/any chosen link depending on the answer.

You create the questions, you create the answers, you build the funnel and depending on how deep you wanna go, It can take seconds or it can takes minutes, but no more.

It’s very easy and simple. The benefit of having such a software is that depending on the answer you can change the video they see or link they see..It’s very dynamic and It’s very clever.

It’s GUARANTEED to increase conversions on any type of offer, Ecom, CPA, Squeeze pages..It really doesn’t matter.

The drawbacks however are these:

  1. It’s only a wordpress plugin
  2. It doesn’t come with any normal training, just a “how to use” type.

With that being said I decided well..NO..hahaha, I wanna over deliver.

So for this, my bonus is very good. I am going to create and record some type of training that will teach how to use this software on OTHER people’s videos and how to monetize it to A. get results quickly and B. no video creation..none of that stuff.

You’ll love it! and that is going to be your bonus for Stealth Tube from you a massive advantage over other people, that’s for sure!

So with that being said, I hope you enjoyed this review, see you on the next one.

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CPA Ads Academy – Untapped Way To Crush CPA? $1 BUDGET?! WTF…

Man oh man…this one is ONE exciting review, for two reasons:

  1. This is one of those products that can FIX one’s life REGARDLESS of what situation they are in right example would be..newbie or veteran, make $1/day or $150/day..this will surely allow you to bank another 10k/month with your spare time.
  2. I am giving away a VERY very valuable and exciting bonus at the end of this review..

So let’s begin…are you on a shoe string budget and tried every method out there? are you a very busy person and want to make extra side income working minutes per day or build a successful CPA business online working full time being your own boss?

If so, CPA Ads Academy is the right product for you.

It combines Youtube Ads and CPA offers in a way you’ve never seen or heard before.

I guarantee you that your life will be changed when you finish watching this review:

Value: 6/10

Claims: 9/10

Concept: 8/10

Delivery: 7/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

Click Here To Get CPA Ads Academy + My EXCLUSIVE Bonus Now!

Review & Bonuses:

Right off the bat you’ll notice two things:

  1. The members area is MEH
  2. there is not enough focus on video creation for the ads (although they cover how to get started even without videos a little bit)

Now I’m not here to just show you! I’m nitpicking but I’m also being honest.

However aside from’s’s why:

  1. He covers every single step you need to take to get results and takes the steps live with you
  2. He’s a PRO..and you can see it.
  3. His students..SUPER successful.
  4. You only need a tiny budget to see ROI and then reinvest.

As small as $1..but let’s go with a realistic $10 budget.

Really..this is a course that whether you are a complete newbie or a veteran with some experience and even doing this full time..this will benefit you.

I’m talking about an EASY $5k/month possible 100% possible oh yes..not even a bit joking.

You can scale to more though and make a few grand on the side as well..

But I think the best part about all this is that the learning curve is almost no existant.

It took me 2 hours to understand EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING from top to bottom and backwards.

Click Here To Get CPA Ads Academy + My EXCLUSIVE Bonus Now!

Now listen to my amazing bonus…ahahahhaahahah.

If you’ll be one of the first 75 (no more!) people to get CPA Ads Academy through my affiliate link when it goes live at 10:00 AM EST, 29th May I will give you FREE access to My next release, Viral Source.

On June 23rd I am releasing Viral Source along with my partners and it’s an all in one viral traffic generation suite, which allows you to have people tag their friends to generate you viral traffic..share your websites online, posts..links, videos and basically get you tons of viral traffic without you lifting a finger.

Access to it can be yours if you get CPA Ads Academy through my link 🙂

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Quiz Funnels Review – Explode Traffic, Sales & Leads Instantly + DFY Package

Hey Tom Yevsikov here along with another honest review and a cool bonus package and today I am reviewing Quiz Funnels.

What’s beautiful about this review is that right off the bat I will tell you, without my bonus..It’s NOT for newbies.

With it…ANYONE can make money.

Let me explain..Quiz Funnels is the most advanced, most “dynamic” Quiz builder for one simple reason, you can put any offer, CPA, Ecom whatever of any niche in the end of the quiz, WHILE building your list, WHILE giving them the answer..WHILE automatically creating the quiz itself..all while also changing the offer or link based on the outcome of the quiz…

Plus you can add videos into the outcomes, questions..wherever.

It’s very advanced and deep and is surely to MAXIMIZE traffic results, capture more leads, make more money plus generate VIRAL traffic..all at the same time.

It is a very very powerful software but it has few MAJOR flaws that make it NOT newbie friendly..and Im here to review them, walk you through them and FIX them.

Value: 7/10

Concept: 8/10

Delivery: 7/10

Claims: 8/10

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

Get Quiz Funnels + DFY Bonus Package For The Lowest Price Possible Now!

Summary & Bonuses:

So I start the review by telling you the benefits of having a Quiz Funnel in place to welcome the traffic when it visits.

There are two ways to create one of those amazing, simple quiz funnels:

  1. From scratch
  2. Using templates of multiple BIG niches.

From scratch will benefit you if you know EXACTLY what u want in your business and u want full control and branding.

The templates, are like “quick start” quizzes where you just have to add your links and customize it a bit.

Here are the TWO major problems with Quiz Funnels if you want to make good, fast money online:

  1. You need related offers to the templates.
  2. You need traffic in the first place…lots of it and AFFORDABLE which is not Facebook LOL!

So how do I solve those problems with my bonuses? check this out:

In my DFY bonus package..I will give you 10 different offers to plug and put into each of 10 templates inside the software.

Those will be offers which are GUARANTEED to convert well with those templates.

Along with that, I will give you 10 articles in the same niches to help you learn a bit about the templates and CUSTOMIZE them to fit your rank higher in search engines and so your traffic won’t think they’ve seen it before.

But here’s the best part…I’ll also teach you how to get dirt cheap, SUPER MASSIVE amounts of Bing Ads PPC Traffic…I’m talking about $0.01 clicks on ALL the big general niches.

Yeah…ALL yours as part of the Quiz Funnels DFY Package…You just can’t beat that!

All you need to do..Is to plug all those in and of course generate traffic..and you’re going to be making money, while doing market research, while collecting leads and promoting multiple offers at the same time.

To get it, just grab Quiz Funnels through my link at 11:00 AM EDT, 25th Of may and my bonus will await on the OTHER side 🙂

Get Quiz Funnels + DFY Bonus Package For The Lowest Price Possible Now!


Please let me know if you need anything in the comments below.