Shoplicate Review – A Launch For Customers Or For Affiliates?

Hey, Tom Yevsikov here with another extremely honest review.

Lately there has been a LOT of hype about Shoplicate, a spying tool combined with Ecommerce Tutorials and a mastermind group with Q&A sessions that wants to steal money from you every month.

So much hype and emails and bonuses and “me too want win commission” marketers promoting this so hard that it’s impossible to know whether they are doing it because of the quality or because of the big commissions they will win.

Now I am ALL for marketers making juicy commissions every day, I am however, against doing that regardless of the quality of the product.

So I had to go ahead and find out by myself.

Will this benefit me and you, or is this just over hyped like 95% of the products out there?

Watch my review to find out, the brutally honest way:


Click Here For Shoplicate

Shoplicate’s whole essence is to give the user the Ability to spy on your competitors stores, on your competitors ads, on what’s selling on etsy, ebay Ali Express and more..

In a nutshell, it’s way more advanced than watchout, and way more useful IMHO.

But that’s not all Shoplicate is, it’s also Ecommerce course that helped alot of people succeed, it fits both newbies and advanced marketers although It does not contain any special training.

It’s a monthly fee but it’s easily justified by the monthly live Q&A’s and the FB Mastermind group where secrets and stories are actually shared on a daily basis.

The group is indeed amazing and worth every single penny.

Here’s the tricky part with Shoplicate with my opinion:

While it may NOT be the most perfect Spying Tool for ecommerce and there’s alot to work on to make it an all in one, perfect Ecommerce tool..It’s the BEST one out there.

Meaning, this is the most useful and advanced Ecommerce Spying Software Out there by far.

And one of the most beneficial Ecommerce Softwares out there. 

A true one of a kind, and I don’t say that very often (I hope)

So who is this for?

Well, I would go as far as saying that anyone doing Internet Marketing in 2015-2016 should get it, but let’s be realistic because I’m beginning to get a little hypey around here.

If you are doing Ecommerce and want to find products faster – Get it now.

If you are doing Ecommerce for more than 2-3 days, then you know how important spying is – Get it Now.

If you’re interesting In getting into Ecommerce and looking for an All In One solution, for both Spying & Learning (heck, even coaching) – get it now.

If you get it from november 3rd to 4th – you can get it for the lowest price possible.

Click Here For Shoplicate

Please, leave a comment If you have anything in mind.


Forget Facebook, This Is Better! Ecom Kingpin Review

Hey fellow Future Ecom Champion, its Tom Yevsikov here 🙂

So as mentioned in previous reviews – Facebook doesn’t like me, they don’t let me advertise and it seems

like all of their departments are mixed up for some reason. I am getting tired but they are the ONLY

way i can drive traffic and make good ROI in my Ecommerce stores.

Or are they?

See, I found this product named Ecom Kingpin and It’s absolutely brilliant, both in concept

and in execution, here’s why:

  • It teaches you a new way of generating instant, highly targeted and scalable paid traffic to your stores
  • It also teaches you HOW to set your stores up, although in a nutshell style, but enough if you also own another product.
  • It’s easy to understand and easy to apply, bringing you results very fast.

Here, watch the full review:

Click here to buy it at 2:00 PM EST, 2nd of November

Get it at that time, that’ll be the lowest price.

Thanks, leave a comment below.

Let’s Play Vlydo – Become Better Than Youtube and Generate 300% More Traffic In The Process!

More traffic! more traffic! we want more traffic!

Whenever I hear the words “Software” and “Traffic” together this basically can go two ways: 

1. It’s a scam

2. It’s legit

So if you’re looking for a software that can help you increase traffic to your links, offers, websites, VIDEOS and also build a highly targeted list very fast you’re pretty much in the same boat as me.

This new web based software, Vlydo was released yesterday and it promises two things:

10x more views

300% more traffic

How? well by mimicking youtube only better and giving you full control.

Interesting concept….So I decided to do a “Let’s Play Walkthrough” type of video. (straight stole the whole idea from a fellow marketer)

This means that I’m going in there naked and not in the sexual way.

It means I am going WITHOUT watching tutorials, WITHOUT watching the demo, WITHOUT having any previous experience.

Putting myself right into the customers shoes…and I recorded the whole thing! excited? me too. watch it below:

I Just Played With Vlydo And Gave A 7/10 And I Recommed You Purchase It By Clicking Here.

Leave your comments or…



CPA Cash Storm Review – An easy $50/day with CPA commissions & Facebook Advertising

Hey yo! Tom Yevsikov here with ANOTHER review.

In this episode I am reviewing a product called “CPA Cash Storm” and as usual I

cover the good, bad and the upsells.

With this method it’s very easy and realistic to make $50/day with CPA marketing

because you are using paid traffic which works fast.

In this course you will be using Facebook Advertising as your traffic source.

Great traffic source, I wasn’t sure how good It’ll be for CPA though until I read the course.

Watch the review now:

Final Verdict – 7/10

Approved and Recommended Per The Review Notes – Click Here To Buy It At 8:00 AM EST 2nd October.

The Good:

– Very in depth, covering all areas.

– 100% created by a guy who KNOWS his stuff, professional.

– Very simple method, $50 achievable by tomorrow potentially, very fast.

The Bad:

– 71 pages of PDF..videos reserved for upsell #1. hard to read so much content and take action, a step by step course would be better.

– $350+ claims on sales page but just one image that proves it..meaning one day.

The Upsells:

– Videos reserved for upsell #1 for $17..could be front end and something else for upsells.

– Upsell #3 is 5 coaching calls which is AWESOME!! but the downsell of it is 5 coaching calls which is AWESOME!! but for $100 less, lol.


Viddyoze Honest Review – How to generate Income TODAY with professional graphic creation

Hey guys, Tom Yevsikov back again with Another great review and today I’m reviewing Viddyoze, a software that creates Logo’s, Intro, Outro,

Segways and whatnot but basically creates very high quality, “hollywood” like animated graphics that you can download and add to your videos.

Inside, we’ll cover EVERYTHING possible about the software and it’s functions.

Watch the review Below:

Click Here To Get Viddyoze

******SPECIAL BONUS********

Yo! so remember what I said about the Audio in the Review? so I decided to go ahead and give you

dozens of CUSTOM audio clips you can simply merge with the Logo’s and then really create kick ass, audio + animated


Available for download after purchasing through this link.

Now…One more important thing and probably THE most important thing we can talk about..Is how you can make good, maybe even BIG income very quickly using this software by thinking outside of the box.

You can create these graphics for your business and have lots of Fun that’s true, but a smart marketer would use this to SELL this as a service and make money with it.

what I believe is SO cool about this as a service is that If you go to fiverr right now and search for a service such as this, you will be SHOCKED to find how much people will charge to get you a “nice looking” animated graphics within 1-2 days..$20 – $25.

Now imagine if you could do the same, only providing really kick ass graphics but also

generate them in a few clicks.

If you sell each for $10 or so…and you can handle 50 orders a day…you make $500/day pretty much on average and

it’s not even that far away.

Really when providing services such as Graphic Design etc…there will always be buyers.

Just think of the potential…it’s just a few clicks and you’ve got any Logo or whatever that you want!

Damn I’m getting excited just by writing about this.

Needless to say I highly recommend this and not only because of what it does, but because

of what YOU can do with it.

Now Go ahead and get it while it’s at a low price for the launch period:

Lowest Price – No Brainer Deal – 4/5 Score – Get It Now

I give this a score of 4/5…simply because of the things inside that pissed me off really bad.

Such as NO audio, NO preview, NO backing up and making changes…

Still, go ahead and get it and start earning income:

Get Viddyoze And Exploit The Multiple Uses It Has.


Maxima Player Review – Copy Youtube’s Biz Model In A Few Clicks?

Hey there champion.

Tom Yevsikov here with a review of a recently launched WP-plugin called Maxima Ad Player.

In fact, the video review player as you’ll see is the Maxima Ad Player player..

Now, before you go like “Ok so Tom I get it if you put it inside your video you probably want me to buy it..”

Mmm..not exactly.

See My journey at reviewing maxima player was NOT an easy one.

I found my fair share of struggles and I dealt with it for longer than I had to.

In fact, It even gave me a VIRUS! (yes) but not really.

ughhhhh I am so confused right now trying to explain this confusion

to you…why not just watch the review and see for yourself.

I promise you though, it’s the most in-depth and honest review of Maxima Player

you’ll ever find, and It’s here due to YOUR popular demand 🙂


[videoadplayer id=”178″]

Final Verdict Considering The Benefits AND The Hurdles I Went Through?

Approved! Click Here To Get Maxima Player.

Flipping Profits Review – Turn $13 Into $3k Over and Over Again


Hey guys It’s Tom Yevsikov here –

Every now and then we here about an exit, or a major flip that made someone rich.

We know for a fact people buy for cheap and sell or rent for more when it comes to real estate.

But did you know that there’s a mini, much easier and much cheaper to start version of it online?

Flipping has been here forever and will stay.

Flipping can be a great way to make fast, consistent and BIG income with a low investment if done right.

IF done right, because online marketing is online marketing, and everyone’s doing everything wrong.

Today I’m reviewing Flipping Profits by Dan Dasilva, Phillip Blackwall and Stephen Gilbert.

Click Here To Get Flipping Profits With My Bonus

Yes, after such a review of COURSE I will approve it.

In fact, this method is so good that I’m providing you with a profitable custom bonus.

That’s right, this is a special bonus, NON PLR.

**********SPECIAL BONUS************

BONUS – How I made $5,000 In 2 months flipping websites that I never owned, spending 0 on traffic and 0 investment whatsoever.

And built a buyers list in the process! 

Click Here To Get Flipping Profits With My Bonus

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions!

********NORMAL BONUSES************

$300 in 15 Minutes Walk Through

When it comes to flipping domains it doesn’t get any easier. we have set up a special deal with Dan Dasilva to show exactly what he is doing to easily buy and sell domain names for a HUGE profit! This is something you cannot miss out on. With 1 flip you can make your money back 10 fold. You are smart enough to realize the value that you are getting here. Time for you to take action.

Website Renters Income System

You hear people talk all the time about renting out physical property. But that’s way too much work and requires WAY too much capital! Now, you can rent out your websites for $1,000 a month and we’re going to show you exactly how we do it.. it’s like a free rent payment without the stress of having to take care of your own property! No one else is doing this. With Flipping Profits you are going to DOMINATE. However, you need to purchase Flipping from us to qualify for this bonus.

Plug n’ Profit – Renting out your YouTube Videos

Renting and flipping domains is easy… but where the real skill comes in is renting out videos too. Did you know you can take a short 30 second clip from fiverr, easily get it ranked for local keywords, and then rent out that video space to local businsess for $400 – $500 a month? This passive revenue stream is one of our favorites, and we’ve used it to add a stable, simple revenue stream to our bottom line. This is going to make your life 10 times easier. Once you see what we have done for you.. your jaw will drop. When you get inside of Flipping Profits we will be sending you this. Its LITERALLY one of our favorite income streams. This is something you just do not want to miss out on. Oh… this is only available to the first 25 people.

Super Charge Your Flip Video Series – Only With OTO 1 Purcahse

Lets turn up the notch 1 more level. We are going to be giving you a complete training system that you can USE and even GIVE AWAY… Yes you have the RIGHTS to give it away and do what you please with it. Again, we have made sure that no one can ever compare with what we have to offer. We want to make sure you walk away a winner. Make sure you purchase the first OTO to claim your copy where we show you how we’re dominating our flips and increasing traffic to them by 2000% with simple YouTube Videos.


Video Lead Studio Review – More Clicks, Engagement & Sales with Professional Actors Opening & Closing Your Videos.

Howdy there my friend, Tom Yevsikov here.

In today’s episode, I review a software called Video Lead Studio.

Now before I get to the review, let me ask you a question:

How would you like a professional set of actors opening and closing the videos for you?

How would you like them to present your brand with more professionalism and increase your

everything (clicks, sales, CPA Commissions) with just a few clicks of a button?

Now I hate hype, but it’s not hype.

Now just a word of caution – This software is pretty good, and it helps them make $80k/month which is cray cray.

But no product is perfect, and there are some things I DID NOT like in this software.

Join me in my review where I honestly present the good, the bad and the upsells.

Click Here To Get Video Lead Studio

Important Launch Details:

Goes live on the 19th of September, 11:00 AM EST for the early bird price.

To get 10% OFF in the first 3 hours, use the coupon code:


Click Here To Get Video Lead Studio

Here are your Bonuses:


(and if not, hit me up and I’ll beat it out of the vendors)


Click Here To Get Video Lead Studio

Leave a comment if you have any further questions and/or you enjoyed this review.

[Personal] You’re getting scammed all the time, here’s how to protect yourself and have success faster.

Hey there!

Whether you’re new on my list or a die hard “luv u Tommas” Fan, you need to watch this video I made for you.


Because I open up a subject nobody ever talks about.

Plus, I speak from the heart.

That right there is truly how I feel…and yes, you are getting scammed.

Now, yesterday, tomorrow, 24/7.

And if you don’t stop it, you’ll fail, very fast.

You MUST watch my video, NOW:

You can download My 4 Methods To Make good money in a short amount of time here.

Leave a comment 🙂

V.V.P Review – Creates professional videos, snipes niches and then generates traffic for ya.

Hey guys and Gals, Tom Yevsikov here with another Honest Review.

In today’s episode, I go EXTREMELY in depth into the new software.

But first, what is it?

Look, let’s face some facts…Videos SELL.

And not only they sell, they also attract traffic and get engagement.

Video marketing isn’t the future, it’s already here.

For a successful video marketing business you need 3 main elements:

1. A good video

2. Traffic

3. An offer

So what this software does is that it creates really stunning and professional videos, it researches offers, and then it generates traffic to your videos by ranking them without spam.

In today’s episode I am reviewing the software in depth, sit back and enjoy because this is a 20 minute review.


Click here to get Video Vibe Pro on the 14th Of September, 11:00 AM EST.

Full Video Creator Walkthrough:


Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 WHITELABEL RIGHTS!

Take this high quality spying software and sell it as your own at any price!

Speical bonus only if you get it through my link.

What Is Tube Sniper Pro 3.0?

TubeSniperPro is the first of its kind software.

its a keyword research software but specific for video marketers.

You can enter a keyword and it will pull all kind of data to show you if its possible to rank for this keyword or not.

(how many videos on first page, how many likes/views for each video, back links, etc” it will also display relevant keywords to target.)

and it will tell you if this keyword is easy or not to target.

so it took all the guess work out.

Sell a proven to convert software as. your. own.

*******NORMAL BONUSES********

Bonus #1

You Tube Channels For Dummies

Learn to create your own channel on YouTube by following our powerful videos on exactly what you need to do, step by step… Video advertising is the hot buzz of the industry right now, and when you combine that with niche marketing – you’ll get a jump start and be miles ahead of the competition. Normal Retail value: $37Free With VideoVibePro!

 Bonus #2

Social Account 101 

   Discover the core steps behind creating massively profitable social campaigns with Vide Vibe Pro. Follow our straight to the point mastery course on how to set up your social accounts correctly and effectively. Once you’ve been through this training, you’ll be profiting with YouTube faster than ever before. Normal Retail value: $97Free With VideoVibePro!

 Bonus #3

 Click Bank RoloDex Version 1  

   Look, if you knew the exact products that we’ve made thousands upon thousands of dollars with… within our own niche video marketing, would you be interested? Get the low down on the exact products we’ve promoted with our videos using Vide Vibe Pro. These are guaranteed to convert and guaranteed to make you bank!

 Bonus #4

Click Bank RoloDex Version 2  

   And this is the follow up to version 1, with even more products that we’ve successfully promoted as niche marketers. That means in short, guaranteed conversions when you get traffic to your own videos with Video Vibe Pro!

Bonus #5

Video Boot Camp

   What if you knew EXACTLY how to rank your videos on all of the search engines? What would you do with the videos you create with Vide Vibe Pro? To us, the answer is simple… you’d take your traffic to a BIGGER level, and leverage natural search for a double whammy explosion of niche buying traffic! That’s exactly what our Video Bootcamp course will teach you to do, in great detail, step by step – with PROVEN examples!  

Bonus #6

Zamurai Video Creator

Bonus #7

Zamurai Video Editor

Bonus #8

Private “Leaked” Coaching Session: Here I spent over an hour helping one of my students and he asked me a ton of questions that many video marketers struggle with as well. Very high quality coaching session.

Click here to get Video Vibe Pro on the 14th Of September, 11:00 AM EST.