1K/week without selling in minutes daily? no way! (REVIEW)

 How can you combine Youtube, Bing & CPA To Make $3,000 – $5,000/Month without spending much time OR Money.

So as you know, CPA marketing is extremely sought after for the simple reason:

There’s no selling.

But in the real, non bullshit world The market is OVER-CROWDED with CPA products.

Plus, even when you find a non-rehashed, not created by “me too” marketersCPA product, It is either very risky paid traffic or very slow and non effective free traffic.

In todays episode i review “CPA Income Explosion”, a method that claims to not only make a good amount of money for the creators on a consistent basis using CPA marketing.

But also combine Youtube as the free traffic source, bing as the paid traffic source and create a full business with this.

All while doing bing risk free, and youtube in an effective manner. 

Watch the video and see exactly what my review is all about, what my verdict isand what Is inside.

Watch The Review Below:


Special Bonuses:

Crazy CPA Profits (worth $67)

Tube Ranking Toolbox (worth $47)

100k Traffic Toolbox (worth $97

CPA Tube Bonanza (worth $37)

Normal Bonuses:

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Pin Traffic Smasher

This step by step, 10 part video series takes you by the hand and shows you how to properly setup Pinterest boards, apply them to your website, and take them one step further by combining them with the power of third party tools to give you more exposure that you need.

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Important Release Details:

Price Will Be $4.95 From 10:00 AM EST to 1:00 PM EST, 11th Of September And Then It Will Increase To $7 Or something like that.

No difference in my opinion.

Upsell #1 Price (Recommended) Is $37 -Early Bird.

Upsell #2 Price (Not Really Recommended, See REVIEW) Is $47 Early Bird.

Clever 5rr Profits Review

Hey hey hey, It’s Tom Yevsikov here –

In today’s episode I’m doing a review of the product: Clever Fiverr Profits A.K.A Clever 5rr Profits.

So one question that I often get goes something like this (there are plenty of variations):

“Tom, what method or way do you know to get some fast capital or even create a small, “on demand” income stream

without learning a new skill or working too hard?”

So usually, once you have a business setup, or at least a buyers list, you can make money on demand whenever you wish.

However what if you have a small asset to no assets at all?

This is where methods like this come to play.

Now I’ve worked with fiverr experts before so potentially, you can make fast money with it.

However To be honest 80% AT LEAST of all fiverr methods are really bad, miss alot of stuff and just launch for the sake of launching.

And in today’s video review, you’re going to discover the truth about Clever 5rr Profits.

In my review I decide whether or not it’s of high quality, delivers the promises and gives you enough value for your money.

Now remember, we’re talking here about a standard pricing, around $7, $8 or so for the product not including the upsells, which are up to you to decide when you hit the upsell page.

Let’s be honest, there are no products without upsells today, and upsells are a smart thing to learn from if you ever want to become a top level marketer.

Without further discussion, I know I’m a talker, let’s begin the review, watch the video below (please TURN ON the volume a bit because you may not hear well)



If you liked the review please let me know in the comments section below.

UPDATE – In the review I talk about not liking to $30 – $50/10 minutes in the sales page.

I just checked it and they changed it, so it’s much better.

But as you can see in the video…it was there..I’m not crazy right lol?

The Video That Changed My Life


Hey peeps, Tom Yevsikov here 🙂

I think that back before I went full time I was the most miserable kid on earth.

20 years old, failed in everything, don’t know what to do in life..don’t wanna do anything, and this onlnie thing just wasn’t working for me.

In fact at that point I was fresh after losing some thousand dollars on this stupid flippa website I thought was gonna make me a millionaire without traffic..lol.

Anywayz I was at the point where I THOUGHT I’m gonna fail, close to thinking my life is worthless..working as a butcher/slave in a supermarket.

Until I watched this video, which reminded me who I can become and what I have in me.

And since then, I try to share that video with as many people as possible.

Please watch it, It will change your life.

You are awesome 🙂

[youtube id=”sUmooRyU0Bg” width=”800″ height=”450″]

My failure with bing confession

Hey, It’s Tom Yevsikov and today
there’s no product promotions.

In today’s email I have a confession.

I know many marketers who say “You should
only focus on positive things and achievements, posting
bad results & failures will reduce your authority to your audience”

I know where they’re coming from, but I don’t care.

Because I know that sometimes my mistakes
can show other people how NOT to do things.

What to AVOID.

So let’s look at 2013…back in 2013 I had some nice
success with bing advertising.

There was an offer called Credit Card Knife which paid I think
around $4 or so per each free credit card they ordered (shipping costs)

I knew absolutely NOTHING about bing but I recognized the opportunity
and I ended up making a campaign with the following stats:

1,400+ clicks
Over $300 in commissions.

The ROI was amazing and it was direct linking,
which was fun at the time, but not smart.


That campaign stopped, so I basically felt really powerful
and rich haha so I decided I’ll try other niches.

Ended up blowing all the $300 and made 0.


MISTAKE #2 – Instead of testing the waters and getting data, I dived
right in with my money, always test with small investments, start small think big.

So I stopped doing that.

Fast forward few weeks ago I have started doing bing again
and so far the results are much better…but still no ROI.

Around 120 clicks in all campaigns, AVG of $0.50/click
and $30 in commissions.

And a list of 14 people.

With 2 unsubscribers, and two opens, one of them is myself, lol.

So you see? Yes I am full time, Yes facebook and CPA is working great
for me and my partner and yes I am growing my income ever year with
multiple income streams.

But this Bing dammit, I can’t crack it.

Which brings me to mistake #3 –

MISTAKE #3 – Don’t go alone, find a product or a coach to help you.

I admit, I’m in a position where I need a guiding hand, I saw some products
but they are not by step enough for me.

So far I’ve come up with no products and can’t find coaches
in the bing space although Im sure they exist.

But It’s only a matter of time because I DO NOT GIVE UP.

I will crack it, that’s a promise.

So avoid these mistakes in new ventures, and I will of course
update you in the future with any advancements.

​See? nothing for sale.

Tom Yevsikov

P.S – Feel free to leave a comment if you can relate.

Make $20 – $30 In CPA By Tomorrow With This Unique Method

Hey, It’s Tom Yevsikov here with a Review
of a very cool and unique method I found online.

So you know how all these CPA systems out there promises $5346356 per day in 3 seconds?

This one can actually make you some money as soon as today/tomorrow depending on your CPA and traffic experience.

I found this method to be very unique but I also found some drawbacks in the offer itself.

Check out my extremely honest review below:

Click Here To Get $100 Day With CPA For The Lowest Price Possible

Any questions? comments? Comment below, don’t be shy.

Make Your First Money, TODAY.

Hey, It’s Tom Yevsikov here and I’m with the review of the Urgent Arbitrage Cash.

First, let’s understand what arbitrage is, and how it works. (and how you can use it

to get paid as soon as today)

In fact, let me share a cool story.

Once upon a time, I used to make some extra income from Arbitrage.

Mainly Involving Fiverr (such as this method)

One of the ways I used to do this is by contacting Offline clients and

telling them I will set them up with Hosting from a recommended source (hostgator

at the time) and I will install wordpress and all the essential plugins they need to make

their website look good (without content yet) and SEO optimized.

The catch? I told them I will do it for free because I am building my brand.

So here’s How I got paid:

First off, I would ask them to get 1 cent hosting from hostgtor through my Affiliate link.

I would get paid $125 per client.

Then, I would outsource the SEO and plugins and wordpress thing from Fiverr 

for $5 (no upsells back then).

And once it’s over, I asked them to recommend me.

My investment : $5

My profit – $125

Client pays nothing.


So that’s how arbitrage works.

And what I have for you today is the Honest Review of Urgent Arbitrage Cash.

This is a very interesting Arbitrage Method that uses a variety of ways to

make FAST money with arbitrage.

Without a website, hosting, experience or a big investment (even no investment at all)

The product I received is a PDF, down to earth and you can SEE it’s not theory.

The creator DOES practice what they teach, no doubt about that.

However the issue is with the FUNNEL.

There is what we call a DEEP funnel, I hate that word.

We have 3 upsells, which is BEARABLE, makes sense.

The problem occurs when you start DENYING the upsells, and you get to downsells.

You enter a 3-7 minute loop until you can get to your purchase.

So here are my verdict, and here is my funnel description:


So here’s what my verdict is:

Urgent Arbitrage Cash Verdict: 4/5, yes it will help you
make fast cash

Price: $7 early bird.

Urgent Arbitrage Cash Funnel Verdict: 2/5..too many upsells
and downsells..

OTO1 – Video Walkthrough over the shoulder – $17
Downsell 1 – 2 videos less – $9
OTO2 – Arbitrage Software – $67
Downsell 2 – Less features – $47
OTO3 (!!!) – Free Traffic Package – $27
Downsell 3 (!!!) – over 50% of the modules gone – $17

The reason I listed the upsells that way is so you can make
an informed choice on which upsells to purchase and which not,
and make a good financial calculated decision based on the info I provided.

Important : This Goes Live At 10:00 AM EST, 10th Of July.

Best: Product can really get you results, no brainer, very simple.

Worst: annoying funnel


This was my honest review from me to you only.

I’m out,
talk soon.

Tom Yevsikov

Video Rankr Review – Make Your Affiliate Accounts Obese With Autopilot Traffic

Video Rankr Review 

Get ANY video ranked within 48 hours or LESS with a new technology and use these rankings to generate automated, fast and everlasting FREE traffic to your CPA offers, landing pages, bridge pages, optin forms, sales pages or even rank for clients and charge 4-5 figures per job.

Hey hey, Tom Yevsikov here 🙂

With uhm, the review of Video Rankr.

Whether or not you’re into video, I don’t care.

The question isn’t if you’re into video. The question is if you’re into TRAFFIC.

Because if you’re into traffic, I think you’ll really love this one software I am reviewing today.

Honest Review Here:

Update From The Review:

During Early Bird, There will be a very low, discounted price of:

$20 instead of $27 for the lite license, $30 instead of $47 for the standard license and only $40 instead of $67 for the PRO license!
Also there’s an early bird webinar you should attend that will give you a demo.


Video Rankr + My Bonus Package Is LIVE

Here’s a live case study video:

Unique NON-B.S-PLR Bonus Details:

Video Rankr Infiltrator – How To Profit With Video Rankr WITHOUT Video Creation Or Any Of That Annoying Stuff!

($999,999,999,999,777 Real World Value)

Plus, all these vendor bonuses below:

Video Rankr + My Bonus Package Is LIVE


Video Rankr + My Bonus Package Is LIVE

For bonuses Support, Contact tom@tomyevsikov.com

For general support, Contact tomyevsikovconsult@gmail.com

Please comment below if you have any questions.




I’m so excited today (I’m getting results)

Hey guys, this whole thing was created without planning. Something happened I was NOT expecting.

There’s this software coming up…I got “Affiliate Early Access” and I usually use this chance to fully review something and see how it works, you know? IF it works and if it’s worth recommending or even buying.

So I am testing this one software that claims it can rank ANY video quickly to the top of youtube’s search.

And Video Ranking = Traffic = CPA commissions/more leads/more sales and basically lots of autopilot fun.

Ranking is a risky game though, and I’m by no means a ranking expert.

So I had absolutely NO idea what I’m getting into…but something REALLY crazy happened.

You gotta watch this video:

[youtube id=”Ysq1L4js07A” width=”900″ height=”450″]

Here’s the FULL review:


Thanks, please comment if you wanna share my excitement 🙂

Timer Magic Review – How To Double & Triple Your Income With Scarcity

Hey you! Tom Yevsikov here with the new “Under-Developement” Blog.

Notice the “Backstreet” in the header and footer.

Yup, that’s the theme, waiting for my Logo to arrive.

Now, let’s get straight to business.

Scarcity works, period.

In TV shows, in cooking channels, in amazon, on ebay etc..

Online, we’ve got “Countdown Timers”, and if you got one, you can increase your earnings from day one of using it.

However most solutions are expensive, let’s face it.

Go, search for Scarcity Samurai, the one I’ve been using.

See the price, get your mind blown.

Obviously, that one comes packaged with features, and you install it on your domain.

This one, all on their domain, and you just embed.

better, worse? see review to find out.

But buttom line is that it’s extremely affordable, very “customizey” and possibly, even a no brainer.

Watch my review below:

VERDICT: Hell yeah approved, for $7 only, well worth it.

Approved. Click here to get Timer Magic (2 days left for the $7 pricing, $20/month after that)


Any questions? hit comment 😉