Help me help you + embarrassing confession

Hey there, It’s Tom Yevsikov.

So yeah, as you can see, I’ve decided to start a BLOG.

Yes, It’s under development. so it’s kinda ugly, and my logo is not even ready yet.

But, you can finally comment, and everyone can listen.

My old blog was getting beyond old, and with partly incorrect info because I did not know better.

Somewhere along the end of that blog I went full time, but It started at early 2013 or somewhere in 2012 i think.

Anyway, if you want to see my old blog and laugh, go here:

My OLD, Outdated, Embarrassing Blog:

BY THE WAY – This blog hasn’t been active and still generated over 60,000 visitors on autopilot since I 2013.

Yeah, I gotta reverse engineer that and see what’s was so good about my SEO.

Now, let’s get to the Important “stuff”.

I am currently working with several different developers in several different niches (video, tracking, traffic, rankings) and while

these processes will take time, I do want to stop everything and ask you what is it that YOU would like to learn more about.

Especially in the Video Area.


Look, video is NOT the future anymore. Video is now the best way to convert, and generate traffic.

Video dethroned content, that’s how it is.

If you’re not using video, you’re losing money.

I always insert Videos into my product reviews because I have seen a massive increase

in sales ever since.

So my question is:

How interested are YOU in video, and what is your biggest problem with Video marketing online.

Are you struggling with coming up with the Content? or is it the Camera? your voice? maybe getting traffic

to Videos.

Please reply in the comment section below, looking forward to your answer 🙂




Super CPA Profits Review – Closed

Hey guys, Tom Yevsikov here.

Well, this is my new review blog, usually I’d just send you to a review page with some bonuses

but I realized that I want you to comment and ask questions.

So, I started this blog where I’ll be doing all of my reviews so feel free to comment.

I’m importing a Super CPA Profits Review from there to here 🙂

Main Highlights Of This Method:

    • Get $0.02, $0.05 and even $0.10 clicks
    • – WHILE still managing to convert them into big commissions
    • – Using special designed funnels
    • – Without any experience or over 10 minutes of work
    • – starting a very low budget that anyone can afford



[youtube id=”_h-u7WPLA9s” width=”620″ height=”360″]


Product Closed.

I’ll be posting my review here from now on :0

The blog is still under developement btw at the time of writing this.